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Functionality as we define it and will outline below is an absolute must in our program and is honestly something I really feel the Seedstock industry has lost sight of while chasing EPD’s and Genomics. While some may label them as convenience traits I fully see the following as necessary traits: structural soundness including feet and legs, fleshing ability, appropriate mature cow size, sound teat and udder quality, and mothering ability. None of us have the extra time, money, and labor resources to deal with problem cattle. Cattle that require added feed to stay in adequate condition cost money. Cattle that require antibiotic treatments as a result of poor immunity caused by insufficient colostrum consumption due to big teats and poor udders cost money. Cattle with poor structure or bad feet don’t have longevity and cost money. During the spring calving blizzard, the cow that doesn’t get her calf up and moving costs money and the silly cow that won’t mother up and follow the calf sled to the barn costs time and money. I assure you Functionality will remain a top priority in our herd and we will continue to select and cull hard for these traits.